UPDATE :  Structured Organization With Strong Support of Presales, Post Sales, Supply and Services.


Dairy and Food processing industry is one of major contributors in economy. We have served end to end in Dairy sector ranging from Server and storage installations, Server virtualization, Industrial automation management, Video surveillance management, Network creation and management along with entire ERP with 87 different modules and submodules with code written about 150,000 pages and all islands of information talking to each other. The system handles milk/raw food product collection billing, batch processing, QC and entire track of product from farm to fork. The ERP it self is competent to handle Herd management, Cattle management, Genetic call center management, Day to day accounting and inventory management, dispatches and tracking of vehicles and posting of data into distributor/supplier database and generating reports till counter sales of distribution system. The system also takes care of food product quality management and also FAT , SNF and Adulterations detection and payment to farmers according to grade of product.


There will be Modular deliverables as given below :

Milk collection

  • Weigh-scale Qty/Fat/SNF View
  • Weigh-scale Qty Entry
  • Weigh-scale Fat Entry
  • Weigh-scale Data Modify
  • Fat by Center Member
  • Voucher Import
  • Advance Voucher Entry
  • RT Checking
  • Center Pend Import

Payment Voucher Entry

  • Milk Payment Reports
  • Milk Payment Reprint
  • Tanker Milk Payment
  • Rate Master Report
  • Tanker Payment Reprint
  • Tanker Report

Milk Billing

  • Pay End Process
  • Milk Rate Process
  • Rate Difference Process
  • Unclaimed Entry
  • Producer Bank List
  • Commission Process
  • Festival Milk Payment

Milk Data Entry

  • Daily Milk Weigh Scale Report(All)
  • Total RMRD & Slip Milk Average
  • Checking Proton-Lacto
  • Checking For Qc-Lab
  • Current Vs Yesterday Milk
  • Hourly Milk Collection From Rmrd
  • Area wise Milk Collection
  • Tankers(Chilling Center) Qty
  • food supplements Month wise Qty
  • Month wise Own-society Qty
  • Daily RMRD Qty(One-Man/Milkman/Producer)

Accounts & Finance

  • Account Management from Balance Sheet to statistics reporting Graph is define in same system
  • Statistics Drill down report till
  • VOUCHER Level
  • VAT Reporting
  • e-Governance ready
  • TDS Computation Report
  • Cash Flow,Fund Flow
  • Cheque Printing & Configuration

Sales & Marketing

  • Order Taking
    • Periodic Order Acceptance
    • Monthly Customer wise Sales Detail Report
    • Monthly Invoice Detail Report
    • Monthly Category wise Sales Report
  • Order Delivery Overview
  • Invoice, Batch wise
  • Forward Backward
  • Batch Tracking
  • Packing list & Delivery Challan
    • Periodic Sales Quantity Report
    • Party wise Month wise Sale Report
    • Invoice Delivery Schedule Report
    • Item wise Sales Detail Report
    • Periodic Sales Invoice
  • Sales Reporting System
    • Multiple Option Gives You Privilege For Do Analysis At Your Own View
    • Month wise Sales Detail Report
    • Sale Tracking Flow


Purchase Management will help to take order as per requisition flow, quotation analysis & last purchase compare values & conclusion also vender rating information

Generating Purchase Order

Different printing format also facility to send email, SMS from same location to register email & phone no for faster communication.

Purchase Reporting System

  • Monthly Purchase Detail Report
  • Monthly Purchase Vs GRN Report
  • Monthly Sales & purchase Report
  • Amended Item PO Report
  • Periodic Debit Note Report
  • PO Tracking Report
  • Purchase Summary Report
  • Purchase Return Memo Print
  • Group wise Purchase Return Report
  • Purchase Return Debit Note Print


  • Orders, Goods Receiving, Control, Transfer of Raw Materials, Commodities and Goods.
  • GIRIR (Goods Inward Receipt Inspection Report) Orders and Planning of Deliveries
  • Palate passport help to manage Inward , Outward Material with Standard Bar-code also have facility if RFIF, QR Code Management for Warehouse Management.
  • Stock Register.
  • GIRIR Yearly.

Warehouse Report

  • GIRIR Works hand to hand for all necessary Information Management System with facility to scan Challan & Invoice Upload Reference with connected GIRIR.
  • GIRIR Works hand to hand for all necessary Information Management System with facility to scan Challan & Invoice Upload Reference with connected GIRIR.
  • Stock Report.
  • Stock Tracing.

Production & Planning

  • Material Used For Production
  • Production Log Book
  • Daily Production Closing Balance report
  • Daily Item wise Production Report
  • Production Indent Report
  • WIP Stock Report
  • Production Process Report
  • Formula base Production with resource & manpower costing help you to better understanding of business.

Production Panning & Forecasting

  • Production Reporting System
    • Milk Payment Reprint
    • Tanker Milk Payment
    • Rate Master Report
    • Tanker Payment Reprint
  • Daily Batch Production

Human Resource Management With Payroll

Periodic reminders for HR: Birthday tips, weekly off, paid holiday tips, pending approvals, ESIC report. The module has a facility to notify HR as soon as there is login. The module helps in daily scheduling & quick action.

  • Barcode , RFID
  • Face Recognition
  • Attendance System is Integrated
  • Attendance Management
  • Salary Slip Generation is one button Click
  • Employee Personal/Official
  • Information management with Government Forms is very easy
  • Employee Portfolio