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We have IP in consortium for ERP for Polyclinic were we have given Hardware software networking and Video Conference Solutions

Hardware software networking:

Hardware software networking

The smooth functioning of most modern businesses depends largely on a well maintained and efficient computer and network system.

Healthcare Industry, having its major dependence on the IT solutions for its data management across huge network of computerized systems, requires reliable and secure networking. The domain does not limit just to storage, but also facilitates information exchange between the doctors, patients and hospital center administration.

The fundamental role of networks is to carry the stored clinical data, be it Electronic Medical Records(EMRs), Lab results, Radiology images, etc, and maintain the wireless connectivity that can keep going the associated treatment of patients.

However, many times you might face unexpected issues with your computer hardware of network system that can only be resolved by professional experts. At Top line IT Solutions, we understand the negative consequences of such unexpected problems in terms of loss of work hours and decline in productivity and profitability. That is why we believe in providing preventive hardware and maintenance support services in addition to helping you overcome any such issues in a professional and effective manner.

Video Conferencing Solution:

Video Conferencing Solution

Veetrag Computer's Video Conferencing Solution provides 1080p60 HD video that is highly reliable, secure, and stable. It offers a smooth across-the-table conferencing experience that:

  • Improves Communication and Knowledge

    The direct face-to-face communication between the doctor and patient helps each other in knowing the current health status and treatment to undergo, respectively.

  • Saves Time and Money

    It absolutely saves the travel time and cost that the doctor could have to expend to visit the patient.

  • Accelerates decision-making

    Best suitable during emergency cases, the doctor can take quick decisions in regards to health issues of the patient.

With increasingly fierce competition and rapid internationalization, companies must respond quickly to customer demands. They need lightning-fast decision-making to adapt and video conferencing is an important tool.